african artAs you make your way around AFRICOGNIZE.COM, you will notice that our four indoctrination areas often overlap. Perhaps you’ve already ‘CONNECTED’ to the value of Nile Valley Civilization.  By exploring our IDENTIFY section, you’ll see yourself and your cultural connection spreading from the Nile Valley to everywhere. Find out more in the OUR SCHOLARS section.



Dr. Runoko Rashidi

Dr Rashidi is an historian and anthropologist and photographer. His area of focus is what he calls, “The Global African Presence.” He has written 18 books, visited 103 countries, and   is a proud student who learned under Dr Ben and Dr Clarke. He delivers more clarity on the origins of Egypt/Kemet.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Dr Ivan Van Sertima, a Guyana, South America native, was one of the foremost scholars, historians and anthropologists the world has ever seen. A former professor of Africana studies at Rutgers, his call was, “We shall follow the trail of the African in Europe, in Asia, and in every corner of the New World, seeking to set the record straight. This is no romantic exploration of antiquities. It is a search for roots.”

Dr. Molefi Asante

Dr Molefi Asante started this country’s first Phd. program for African Studies in 1987 at Temple University. He has authored dozens of books, articles and essays, and might be most noted for his work, “Afrocentricity.” However, Dr. Asante is so much more, as you will learn in this lecture.

Dr. Ray Hagins

Dr Hagins has more than 30 years of pastoral experience. His life and mission changed dramatically upon his introduction to the knowledge of Nile Valley Civilization, which he connects to many religious teachings and practices used today.

Dr. Charles Finch III

Dr Charles Finch has conducted independent studies in African antiquities, comparative religion, anthropology and ANCIENT science for over 40 years. He also has published numerous articles and essays, including The African Background of Medical Science and Science and Symbol in Egyptian Medicine. Learn about his life and the African origins of medicine in this webcast Q and A.

Dr. Ama Mazama

In this lecture, Dr. Mazama identifies what the American educational system has/hasn’t done on behalf of African people here, and examines the prospects of ‘home-schooling’for blacks and others.

Mathu Ater

A student of Dr. Ben, Mathu Ater, a successful architect, has based many of his present day designs on the works of Imhotep; not the one in “The Mummy” movies, but the one who is the world’s first recorded multi-genius. Check this out.

Dr. Legrand Clegg

Dr Clegg produced a classic with this one. It is a must have for your library video collection. When Blacks Ruled The World,” illustrates brilliantly when Africans were in control and how they lost it. Get ready to be wowed.

Anthony Browder

Brother Browder is back again with a powerful presentation on the discoveries and prophecies found in ancient Kemet. Browder is still undertaking his excavation of a Kemetic tomb of 25th Dynasty priest, Karakhamun, here in 2015.  Some powerful information is presented in this lecture.

Prof. James Small

Professor James Small has been on the battlefront freeing the minds of young African people for 5 decades now. These valuable lessons on our lives, outlook and Kemet after the Roman invasion will make our plight a lot clearer for you and your friends.

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