Let your connection to the culture and history of Africa begin. Kemet / Egypt was once the world’s cultural super-center. There are mountains of documented evidence that ancient Nile Valley Civilization was built, maintained and nurtured by Africans. In fact, Kemet deDjoserStepPyramidveloped many imhotep7philosophical ideals long before European nations were even formed. Here, you will see evidence presented by some of our “Master Teachers”, which is why some of the content is lengthy, but it’s worth every second. Don’t forget the OUR SCHOLARS section to get additional information on books,  lectures  and educational tours. Get your pens and note pads ready.







Dr. Asa Hilliard: “Master Keys” SCETV

Ancestor Asa Hilliard was a brilliant advocate for African Centered Scholarship. He was heavily involved in higher education and even changing policies to benefit blacks and others in our public educational systems. He transitioned during a trip to that magical place called Kemet. This program, with ancestor, Listervelt Middleton, is a classic and should be in every person’s library! Click here for a PDF of Dr. Hilliard’s Kemetic Timeline.


Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan

Ancestor Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan was one of our biggest “Warrior Scholars.” Transitioning in March of 2015 at the age of 97, he was a pioneer in educating Africans and anyone else who dared to listen in the area’s of Kemetology, African civilizations, religions and spirituality. He has authored dozens of books on the subjects and was never been one to “hold his tongue.” He educates us on ancestor Gil Noble’s, “Like It Is” program.


Anthony Browder

Anthony Browder has become one of the foremost authorities on Nile Valley Civilization and viewing media from an African perspective. He also conducts numerous tours to Kemet and has written and illustrated several books on his experiences. Browder is currently leading a dig in Egypt that is unearthing amazing discoveries at the tomb of 25th Dynasty priest, Karakhamun. His book, “Exploding the Myths” is a Must for your library!

Scholarly Giants

This time, “Dr Ben,” is among a list of AFRICAN SCHOLAR GIANTS on the “Like It Is” program. He and host Gil Noble discuss invasion and racist practices and policies that affected the world of the African and her descendants. Dr Ivan Van Sertima, (They Came Before Columbus) and Dr John Henrik Clarke make it a lively and educational discussion. It’s a must see.

Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Dr. Kamene, also known as “Booker T. Coleman”, is a long-time educator in the NYC public school and University systems. His techniques on teaching our young people from an African Center are second to none. Everywhere he goes, he leaves you with a valuable lesson in the importance of knowing “Our Story.” In this lecture, he draws the relationship between ancient Kemet and Kush.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries

“Dr. J” as he is affectionately called, is another of our ‘Master-Teachers.’ He is an historian and scholar with a long affiliation with City College of NY. His Pan African point of view has often bred controversy, but through it all, Leonard Jeffries has stood tall. Jeffries teaches on Nubia, explaining why it is a place that should be synonymous with ancient Kemet.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop

cheikh (1)

Born in 1923, this warrior ancestor was an historian, anthropologist, physicist and political activist regarding the African origins of humanity and civilization. This Senegalese brother played a huge role in changing the world’s perceptions of ancient Egypt and Africa as a whole, with irrefutable science showing not only that ancient Kemet was a black African society, but that humanity itself originated in the motherland. Click here to be linked to one of his research papers on the subject.

Dr. Molefi Asante


This noted author, teacher and scholar wrote a news article examining  just how offensive Hollywood’s efforts are when it comes to the portrayal of ancient Africa in cinema. Last year, we had the “Exodus” movie. In 2016, we have “Gods of Egypt” all of whom are portrayed by Europeans. We should not contribute to Hollywood’s continuous misrepresentation of our culture. Dr. Asante’s recent article still holds true today, as Hollywood continues to insult the ancestry and intelligence of African people.  Click here to be linked to the article.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

dr clarke

This master teacher and scholar, now an ancestor, leaves no doubt why you and the world need to study African history. Click here to be linked to the essay, courtesy of the Hunter College, NY Library.
Click here to be linked to Dr Clarke’s masterful baseline essay regarding the study of the role of Africa in world civilization.

Jabari and Nfrka Osaze

Jabari and Nfrka Osaze have been ‘living’ the ancient Kemetic experience for many years now. They bring their teachings to the public every week in their own TV show. They also lead educational tours to museums and to Egypt. Here, Jabari teaches on Kemet’s 3 Thousand plus years of excellence.

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